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Wallich Residence in the Heart of the CBD

Set in the heart of a district undergoing transformative change, Wallich Residence is an exclusive and limited collection of 181 luxury residential units, located at the pinnacle of the tallest building in Singapore.

The newly released residence is part of the new, highly-ambitious 5-in-1 vertical city, Tanjong Pagar Centre. Due to this, Wallich Residence would undeniably become a home that elevates the lifestyle of any individual.



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Behold the Immense Potential of the Tanjong Pagar District


Tanjong Pagar, a central region gazetted for conservation by the Singaporean government has been commonly-identified as historic and culturally-rich, lined with architectural relics and resembling a scene from the past. However, in light of the opening of the Tanjong Pagar Centre, recent times have seen a major upheaval of “old Tanjong Pagar” to reveal a thriving and dynamic nucleus for business and leisure.  This integrated mixed development houses residential, retail, commercial, hospitality and park components, all united under a roof.


In fact, the area is facing greater catalytic change within the next 10-15 years, with the development of the Greater Southern Waterfront, where Tanjong Pagar sits on the threshold of.  Due to the city container terminals being relocated to Tuas, 1000 hectares of land, which is thrice as big as Marina bay, will be emptied and free for developments. Plans are already underway to furnish the area with entertainment, housing and a myriad of amenities…the possibilities are endless. Poised as the gateway to this waterfront promenade, one can imagine the proliferation of opportunities, businesses and people that the Tanjong Pagar district will attract.


In spite of the many prospects that Tanjong Pagar Centre holds, its developer, Guocoland, has allocated the development’s most prized floors, the top 26 levels of the building, to this new residential project. It is unconventional for mixed developments to reserve the building’s highest lots for residences, due to their inability to produce recurring income like hotels and offices. Hence, this exceptional quality of Wallich Residence sets it apart from other pieces of real estate.



Tap into Its Immeasurable Value Now and in the Future

With the area’s current rejuvenation from Tanjong Pagar Centre and the Great Southern Waterfront development in the works, Wallich Residence is, and will continue to ride on this tidal wave of positive change. Those who buy into it will be able to enjoy the long and short-term economic benefits the transforming Tanjong Pagar district can bring, as well as, tap into its immense potential with a first-mover advantage.


Set in the heart of a thriving district undergoing exponential growth within both the short and long-term, endowed with accessible amenities that inspire a more convenient, yet exclusive lifestyle, Wallich Residence redefines luxury living for just about anyone.

1. The definition of a high quality lifestyle

Aside from the benefits that can be reaped from the district’s monumental shifts, the most important thing residents stand to gain, is the lifestyle that Wallich Residence itself offers. As mentioned by Mr Cheng Hsing Yao, the group director of Guocoland, “The definition of a good quality life has changed.” Previously, a high-quality lifestyle was synonymous with exclusivity and seclusion. In contrast, as the pace of life has picked up with the times, convenience and connectivity have become more precious to the hectic individual. 

2. Where all your necessities are in easy reach

Having the facilities and amenities that one could ever need in close reach, and a variety to choose from in fact, has become a priority for many. Wallich Residence serves to be the condominium that easily fulfills that priority, by consolidating the home, workplace and entertainment in a vertical city.

3. Experience an integrated lifestyle with seamless ease

After a tiresome day at work, one can retreat home for a power nap among the clouds, followed by a scrumptious meal downstairs at the retail sector or urban park with friends and family. The 5-in-1 integrated development allows residents to switch seamlessly between office, home and recreation in a matter of minutes.

4. Enjoy security and personal space

Additionally, contrary to common perception, this inter-connectedness between the building components does not compromise on the exclusivity and privacy that still remain important to the majority. Each respective component of Tanjong Pagar Centre: Sofitel Hotels and Resorts, Wallich Residences and offices in the Guoco Tower, despite having link-ways between each other, all have their own designated entrances. Hence, residents can rest assured that security is maintained and no outsiders can enter at will.

A Few Distinguishing Factors of This New Condominium

The Tallest Building in Singapore

Tanjong Pagar Centre, crowned by Wallich Residence, has taken up the highly-coveted title of tallest building in Singapore. Towering over many other prime landmarks in the CBD, it stands at 290m. This building is the only one in the CBD that does not stand in the way of designated flight paths to Paya Lebar Airbase, hence not facing any height restriction rules imposed by the government. Before Tanjong Pagar Centre’s construction displaced them, One Raffles Place, UOB Plaza One and Republic Plaza had jointly held the title for 20 years, at heights of around 280m.  Situated right at the peak of the 64-storey development, Wallich Residence will no doubt offer unrivalled views like no other residential building can.

Named after the Visionary behind our Garden City

Wallich Residence, located on Wallich Street, was named after Dr. Nathaniel Wallich, a famed surgeon from Denmark. In his time in Singapore, his immense interest in botany, the study of plants, has paved the way for our country’s transformation into a Garden City. Spending most of his life discovering and recording plant species all over Asia, he followed Sir Stamford Raffles to Singapore to introduce tropical plant specimens to inject flora and fauna to the booming trading port. His legacy is present our local UNESCO World Heritage Site, Singapore Botanical Gardens, a precursor to an experimental garden he designed during his time in Singapore.

Even today, his influence will indefinitely be felt in Wallich Residence, where lush natural greenery plays a huge role in fostering a refreshing, luxurious ambience, the perfect space for some respite.

A Living Space Like No Other

Spanning across the top three levels of Tanjong Pagar Centre, the Super Penthouse is the crown jewel of the ambitious mixed development. This spacious triplex is well-furnished with the personalized amenities that make your time at home luxurious and fun. The bedrooms in the house come equipped with their own bathrooms or walk-in closets. To escape the stresses of daily life, one can retire to the private garden or viewing deck to soak in the cool evening breeze and panoramic views. The highlight of this palatial living space has to be the rooftop terrace, 12-metre pool and Jacuzzi room- the ideal spot to host social activities or just spend quality time with your loved ones. The Super Penthouse is truly an embodiment of comfort and quality. It has the makings of everyone’s dream home.



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