A Limited Number of Units Going Fast and High in Demand

1 and 2 Bedroom Units at Wallich Residence (Type A1, A2 and C2)

The 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom units are the units meant for a smaller number of occupants, as compared to the other apartments in Wallich Residences. These are wonderfully suitable for those who want a space of their own, such as hectic individuals working nearby in the CBD. The 2 bedders are perfect for a couple to share, where the extra bedroom can be converted to whatever they wish. Alternatively, those with children would also love these unit sizes because the smaller bedroom can be fashioned into a room for the kids.

1 Bedroom (614-646 sqft)

With only a limited 36 units available, ranging from 614-646 sqft, the 1 Bedroom apartment units in Wallich Residence are one of the most sought-after units for individuals living alone. Despite its more compact nature as compared to other roomier units in Wallich Residence, the space is still ample, cozy and highly-sufficient for a single occupant.


Upon entering the 1 bedroom apartment unit, a short hallway will lead you to the central living space of the home. With an open-concept kitchen (equipped with a refrigerator, washing machine and dryer) and dining area, prepare meals and serve them easily after a long day at work. The kitchen, dining and living areas are connected, giving the unit a spacious and open feel.


The highlight of the entire apartment is the large master bedroom and roomy master bath, which take up nearly half of the unit size. Large enough to fit a king-sized bed, study table and storage area with space to spare, the bedroom is indeed an ideal spot to wind down and rest comfortably in. The bathroom contains a large shower cubicle, water closet and a sink area.


2 Bedroom (861- 1,098 sqft)

There are only 29 units of 2 bedroom apartment units within Wallich Residence, with sizes ranging from 861- 1,098 sqft, available. In addition to the utilities that are part of the 1 bedroom units (namely, master bedroom, master bath, kitchen, dining area and living area), the 2 bedroom units also consist of another bedroom and bathroom. Comparing the unit sizes of both the 1 and 2  bedders, all respective areas in this 2 bedroom unit are also definitely larger in size, able to accommodate one or two extra people.


The doorway, flanked by the enclosed kitchen on the left leads into a large space that can be left to the home-owners imagination. Naturally, it can be segregated into the dining and living areas respectively, but depending on your needs, a mini bar, a pool table or a personal gym can well be possible.


Following a pathway down further towards the inner rooms of the home, one would find a bedroom adjacent to a common bathroom and a master bedroom with its own connecting master bathroom. Both rooms are equipped with ample open, as well as, storage space. An interesting highlight of the master bedroom is the small walkway between the sleeping area and the master bathroom. In-built wardrobes line the walkway, creating the look of a walk-in closet. The master bathroom, purposefully located right next to it allows for the home-owner to change and get ready after selecting their outfit of the day.

2 Bedroom + Study (1259 sqft)

The 2 bedroom with study room units are 1,259 sqft in size and a limited 4 such units are available in Wallich Residence. These units have the exact same components as the 2 bedroom units, with the addition of a study room and 2 balconies accessible by the common area. Of course, the large open space (for the dining and living areas) and even the study room can be reimagined for the home-owner’s purposes.


Have a look at all the floor plans at a glance or find out more about the other unit types:

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