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3 and 4 Bedroom Units at Wallich Residence (Type A3, C4)

The 3 to 4 bedroom units in Wallich Residences are suitable for larger families with 4-7 people. The rooms can definitely be used to the home-owner’s discretion and need not be a bedroom for an occupant. Smaller familes or even couples can design each room for their own purposes. For example, a room can be an at-home gym with a treadmill and fitness equipment, an office or an entertainment room.


3 Bedroom (1,098- 1,787 sqft)- Type A3-3

There are 75 3 Bedroom apartment units in Wallich Residence, sized 1,098- 1,787 sqft. Apart from the typical utilities like the kitchen, living and dining area, this unit type has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.


A unique trait of this unit in particular is its double entrances: the first leads directly into the living room area, ideal for guests to enter through when the home-owner is hosting a gathering, as the bedrooms are not easily-accessed from there. The second entrance leads to a small corridor, flanked by a powder room on the left and a utility room on the right. As the passage from the second entrance leads straight to the bedrooms section, it is suitable for apartment occupants to avoid crossing into the common area when arriving home. This could be particularly useful when one of the bedrooms is rented out and the tenant is wary of disrupting family activities in the common area. There are countless other possibilities as to how this feature of the home can be used to the home-owner’s advantage.


The common area consists of a dry and wet kitchen, a living area and a dining area. Other than that, the large expanse of living space is also flexible to be adapted to the home-owner’s needs. The whole stretch of common area has ceiling to floor windows that let the room be illuminated by natural daylight. Also, the common area is linked to a balcony, the perfect place to enjoy the evening breeze.


The bedroom section of the house is located further inward of the home. The master bedroom has its own master bath that is only accessible through that particular room. The room is airy and welcomes natural daylight from the full-length glass windows that line two of the room’s four walls. Likewise, the two other smaller bedrooms also have their own shared bathroom across the hallway. This common bathroom is spacious and has two entrances for easy access for guests and occupants alike.

4 Bedroom (1658- 1991 sqft)- Type C4-1

The 4 bedroom apartment units are sized 1658- 1991 sqft and only 24 units of this type are available. This unit type also has two different entrances with one central one that leads to both the common area and the sleeping quarters. The other is like a “back-gate” that leads past the utility room to the kitchen. The kitchen can be segmented into a dry section and wet kitchen and is rather large length-wise, allowing for ease of mobility around it.


The dining and living areas are separated by small column and the powder room sits in the common area, appropriate for guests to use without having to access the more private segments of the home.


As usual, the master bedroom is connected to the master bath, while the occupants of the other rooms can share 3 of the other common bathrooms. The junior bedrooms are positioned adjacent to one another and each have sufficient space for a queen-sized bed, study table and storage. Of course, some of the bedrooms are larger than others and they can be allocated according to the needs of the home’s occupants

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