A Priviledge Reserved Solely for the Lucky Few

Penthouse Units at Wallich Residence

The Penthouse Units in Wallich Residence are the true epitome of a dream home among the clouds. Perched at the very pinnacle of the Tanjong Pagar Centre building, the Penthouses have the best and most unrivalled views, compared to the other units. They are also the only unit types with a private lift lobby with a personal access into their homes, the definition of exclusivity and privacy. With only a very limited number of units available (4 Junior Penthouse units and 1 Super Penthouse unit), the chance to call one of these units your home is truly a privilege like no other.

Junior Penthouse (3509 sqft)

The junior penthouse is a whooping 3509 sqft in size and only 4 units of this type are available. The first outstanding trait of this apartment complex is a private lift lobby only accessible to home-owners. This allows for immense privacy and security for tenants that value their personal space. As for the kitchen, it is now segmented into two distinct rooms, a wet kitchen further inside with the stoves and fridge spot and a dry kitchen with an island where simple kitchen work can be done.


The living and dining space is wide and open, where its design can be left to the home-owner’s discretion. The dining table for the family can be ideally situated in front of the kitchen, for dishes to be easily served from the kitchen directly. The living room area is more than enough to fit a few sofas, television and maybe even a grand piano.


There are four bedrooms in the house, a master bedroom, junior master bedroom and two other smaller ones. Each bedroom has their personal bathroom and in particular, the master and junior master bedrooms have their own additional walk-in-closet. Adding to the already palatial ambience of the master bedroom, the master bath has space for a bathtub, for those spa days.

Super Penthouse (21,108 sqft)

The Super Penthouse has a size of 21, 108 sqft and there is only 1 such unit, sitting at the top of the tallest building in Singapore. The home spans across three levels of impeccably-designed, exquisite living space, adorned with a wide array of private facilities. The whole house’s fixtures and furnishings are top-quality and long-lasting, supplied by the best brands such as Hansgrohe, Poggenpohl and Gaggenau.

62nd- Private Outdoor Garden
62nd- Private Outdoor Garden
63rd Level- Wine Cellar
63rd Level- Wine Cellar
62nd Level- Family Lounge Room
62nd Level- Family Lounge Room
64th Floor- Rooftop Terrace with Jacuzzi
64th Floor- Rooftop Terrace with Jacuzzi

There are 5 spacious bedrooms within the Penthouse, each with their own en-suite bathrooms. In addition, the master and the junior master bedrooms also come furnished with their own walk-in closets, which make bedroom a comfortable sanctuary to get rest, keep clean and just relax in. The living and dining area are connected to the kitchen, where in delectable meals can be whipped up easily with lots of storage space for pantry essentials. On quiet Sunday mornings, take in a breath of fresh air while enjoying breakfast in your private outdoor garden, where you get treated to dazzling city views bathed in cheerful daylight.


The family dining and lounge area sits on level 63, a highly suitable space to host parties or gatherings where guests can mingle in the foyer and relish in delicious meals at the central dining table. A unique feature of the penthouse that is barely present in other pieces of real estate is a wine cellar that can hold up to 600 bottles.

Home-occupants can be treated to a good and relaxing time, with top-notch facilities they can use in the privacy of their homes. The rooftop terrace, located on the 64th floor, is the tallest point of Singapore. With lots of fresh air and the most majestic view of the city. One can soak in the sun on a Cabana, take a splash in the 12-metre lap pool or sip on a margarita prepared by a bartender (full bar and kitchen professionals are available).


Lastly, to make your whole living experience the most seamlessly convenient one yet, the Wallich Butler service is available 24/7 to fulfill your every need.

Indeed, the Wallich Residence Super Penthouse promises not only the home that everyone dreams of having, but the easy life that everyone truly desires.

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