A Consolidation of Important Pricing Information

Wallich Residences Prices at a Glance

All units of Wallich Residence are priced above $3,000 per square foot (PSF). For your easy reference, the price ranges for each of the unit types have been collated below. The data is based on the units that have already been transacted and hence two particular unit types (2 Bedroom + Study (4 units), 4 Bedroom + Study (8 units)) have to be excluded.

For the price information of actual units that are still available, please contact us at:

Unit TypeUnit Size (sqft)No. of UnitsPrice Range (SGD)PSF Range (SGD)
1 Bedroom (Type A1)614- 646362,039,150- 2,108,0003,321- 3,263
2 Bedroom (Type A2)861- 1,098292,757,400- 3,810,5503,203- 3,978
3 Bedroom (Type A3)1,098- 1,787753,737,450- 4,720,0503,404- 3,950
4 Bedroom (Type C4)1658- 1991246,350,350- 9,380,6003,830- 4,712
Junior Penthouse3509417,200,6004,902
Super Penthouse21, 1081108,000,0005,116

Linked here is more comprehensive information on the different unit types, their floor plans and utilities.

Prices of Recently-Transacted Units

As a guide, listed below are some past transactions of a range of different Wallich Residence units.

Unit TypeUnit Size (sqft)LevelTransacted Price (SGD)PSF (SGD)
1 Bedroom (Type A1)614482,255,8203,677
4 Bedroom (Type C4)1,722576,600,0003,832
2 Bedroom (Type A2)861442,800,0003,252
1 Bedroom (Type A1)614401,930,0003,146
2 Bedroom (Type A2)958533,730,6503,894
3 Bedroom (Type A3)1,787404,924,0002,756
1 Bedroom (Type A1)614432,020,0003,292
3 Bedroom (Type A3)1,755425,150,0002,935

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